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Coffee lover
Shower singer
Gmail dependent
Berkeley graduate
Twenty three years old

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Sharp, how quickly we turned into this thing
Soft, how your lips discover my collar bone
Free, how it feels in your car when I sing
Rough, how my mind imagines being alone

Safe, how it feels held tightly in your arms
Urgent, how our kisses melt into each other
Scary, how easy I succumb to your charm
Calm, in the night underneath all the covers

Silent, as my eyes explore yours in the light
Loud, how my laughter travels through to your ear
Brief, the time it took for this to feel right
Alarming, how incomplete it is without you near

Thrilling, this adventure we’ve somehow begun
Ready, at last, to belong to someone


My hand fits your hand the way my laugh fits your jokes.

My likes fit your likes the way my waist fits your hold.

My wonderings fit your musings the way my nose fits your neck.

My blush fits your praise the way my step fits your step.

My stories fit your ears the way my shivers fit your touch.

My gaze fits your gaze the way my little fits your much.

My life fits your life as long as we maintain.

Darling, with you, I’m game if you’re game.

Choice in the matter

of love and life and relationships. Today, through my little golden iPhone speakers, I heard your voice and held it tensely to my ear. I felt myself start to harden and shut down as you said things that weren’t the things I wanted to hear.

We can’t always be activists out loud. We can’t always fight or be the ones teaching others. Because there’s an element of self preservation in all this. To existing in our worlds and taking care of ourselves. One of my smartest teachers and mentors once asked us, “when was a time when you didn’t say something, and it was the right call?” I started to take that road with you - I started to not say something. It was so tempting to treat you like my roommate or coworker, people in my ecosystem with whom I had to coexist and couldn’t smartly battle. But then I realized that I really, truly cared. Enough to tell you what I think, to explain my views in a chaotic, non-simple, energy-draining way. To listen to you and learn from our differences. To muster up the gusto to do this with you - to grow, to fight, to learn, to get frustrated. To feel.

And I’m so glad I did. I choose this, I choose you.

They laugh until laughing makes them kiss.
They kiss until kissing makes them laugh.

—Sarah Ruhl (The Clean House)

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"Is it weird,"

you asked,

"that we click this well?"

I think you could hear me smile into the phone when I said,


"In a good way."

"In an amazing way."

I feel like I’m just meeting a best friend I always should have had. It’s so wonderful. You’re so wonderful.


I finally



how it feels

to be with

someone as passionate

as me.

And it’s kind of like,


what the fuck was I doing before this?

Because this


is magic.

I’m sorry I gave you everything I had without making sure you wanted it.

Heavy (#418: April 21, 2014)

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