Here's the thing

Coffee lover
Shower singer
Gmail dependent
Berkeley graduate
Twenty three years old

(Previously: A Day in a Life in a Photo)

It’s bedtime & all I can think is how

being with you is the shower after a long plane ride, the bed after an all-nighter, the water after a workout

it’s the perfect bite of cake through all the layers, the subway door stopping right at your feet, the extra hour of sleep you get in the fall

it’s laughing until we can’t breathe, breathing each other in, interlacing our vulnerabilities -

vulnerable & raw, left falling into your arms, my heart on my sleeve, my head on your chest, and our breathing in perfect unison until darkness, sleep, and peace

I have this strong desire for you all the time. It’s never not there.


Sharp, how quickly we turned into this thing
Soft, how your lips discover my collar bone
Free, how it feels in your car when I sing
Rough, how my mind imagines being alone

Safe, how it feels held tightly in your arms
Urgent, how our kisses melt into each other
Scary, how easy I succumb to your charm
Calm, in the night underneath all the covers

Silent, as my eyes explore yours in the light
Loud, how my laughter travels through to your ear
Brief, the time it took for this to feel right
Alarming, how incomplete it is without you near

Thrilling, this adventure we’ve somehow begun
Ready, at last, to belong to someone


My hand fits your hand the way my laugh fits your jokes.

My likes fit your likes the way my waist fits your hold.

My wonderings fit your musings the way my nose fits your neck.

My blush fits your praise the way my step fits your step.

My stories fit your ears the way my shivers fit your touch.

My gaze fits your gaze the way my little fits your much.

My life fits your life as long as we maintain.

Darling, with you, I’m game if you’re game.